This Amazing Music Artist, has a guest entertainer status at all times, The hiring company provides him a single room and normal access to all facilities, (when hired with his band, the rest of the band would share rooms) No drills, No curefews, No Sanitation or any other job not related with MUSIC PERFORMANCE.


Cesar A. Rios is a Class 4 Guest Entertainer, This artist performs indoors only, This is s is a deal maker. If you are looking for a pool band, this is not the right artist for your venue.


DRESS CODE, APPEARANCE AND ETHICS: Italian/ Cuban/ Spanish mustage, clean hair, hats & high-end suits, Hollywood look, Tuxedos, Jewelry and more are the ARTIST'S SIGNATURE, Cesarios is well educated, and he accommodates to schedule changes, or even cover for the team when there is an emergency.


WARRANTIES BY PERFORMER (S) : Cesarios would increase your revenue, sales, ratings and surpass expectations at all times, artist shall not be exploited, over work, or pushed to the limits in any way. Artist's well being and safety are our main priority, we will not disclose any personal info, but, only music related.


For more info and references please feel free Contact us


The show contains musical tributes from all over the world, including songs from :

Paco De Lucia
Dire Straits
Andrea Bochelli
Buena Vista Social Club
Dean Martin
Gypsy Flamenco Music
Carlos Gardel
Mason Williams
Dell Shannon
Buena Vista Social Club
Al Dimeola
Ottmar Liebert

Elvis P.

Nikos Kazantzakis

Also an acoustic instrumental version of  Metallica, (Like Rodrigo & Gabriela) and more...

Cesar's repertory has 2800 songs to play along each season at your venue, he does not repeat a song, unless he is requested to do so..


12 Channel Mixer
2 Stage Monitors
4 Powered  main speakers (1000 watts each)
2 "SURE" SM58 Mics with boom stands
2 D.I Boxes
2 Close up cameras on sides of the guitar
2 Side screens
5 Artificial Candles
1 Tall Stool
Spotlight brightness: mid/low dimmed
3 Bottles of cold water in a table aside.
1 video screen connected to a DVD or video reader. (Behind artist)


High Value: 127 (5:00 o Clock)
Bass Value:100  (3:00 o Clock)
Mid Range Value : 50 (12:00 o Clock) SAVE IT
Reverb Value for Guitar: 120
Reverb Value for Vocals: 110
Reverb Value for Drum Box: 0


Line Up Options:  Female Flamenco Dancer and one Percussionist Available (if needed)





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