In the present, Cesar crafts a lush world music variety including songs from all over the world, The different styles he plays come from South America, Europe and the United States. Audiences describe him as "a unique genre-busting collection of Latin, Indian, Persian, Arabic, South American and European sounds." The music on the Demo album is unconfined by genre restrictions and embraces a spirit of different creative possibility and wide-reaching artistic vision.The show includes music from all over the world, starting with American Top 40s, Rock, Flamenco, Classical, Latin, Arabic, Greek, Italian music, a few of these songs are interacted and singed along with the audiences, some songs are even played fully blindfolded.Considerable professional experienced as an Entertainer performing in front of large audience, His own produced (self-contained) show that appeals to a broad audience and caters to a wide diversity of ages,


This is a unique musical flexible act that can be adapted to different show conditions aboard different ships & resorts focusing on originality and experimentation.


This amazing artist performs all types of music, which drew upon an eclectic mixture of Classical, American Music, Latin, Blues, Samba, Bossanova, Flamenco, and many more styles, punctuated by improvisational flair and fast-paced interplay between the guitar and the Latin percussion rhythm section in every production.



Apart from a melodious voice ,his good mannered behaviour,labour oriented attitude to learn the latest trend,humble ness,and knowlege of multi instruments make this artist unique, taking live music to a whole new level.



Cesarios established him self on the international music scene through his solo studio demo albums, widely broadcast on line concerts, and extensive live performances ranging from Miami local venues to the Caribbean, Atlantic, Mediterranean and South Pacific Oceans, Hotels & Resorts, attracting the best crowds and making a successful journey for every show with amazing results.The dialogue between his voice and the guitar, even when there is a crowd on stage, is a highly evolved interaction,



His love and integrity for the art of music projects a very sophisticated spiritual connection with the audience. This communication can happen anywhere: in a rehearsal hall, a theatre performance, in a cruise, or auditorium full of people. His music takes the shape of a true artist, the beauty of it is that he has the great opportunity to create music even by ear, in just minutes, a unique work of art, which is his own signature expression, and shares it with everyone in the audience